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StatSeal haemostatic dressing products work with any protein-rich body fluid to create an instant, occlusive seal over insertion sites and wounds to prevent oozing and bleeding. The seal creates a hostile barrier to microbial penetration and strengthens over time, while natural clotting continues beneath the seal. The seal formed by StatSeal minimises dressing disruption by keeping sites dry and intact until the scheduled dressing change, significantly reducing unplanned dressing changes and the associated infection risk. StatSeal products do not rely on the body’s natural clotting mechanism to be effective, making them especially useful for those patients prone to bleeding. When included as part of a CLABSI reduction strategy, prophylactic StatSeal use has been shown to drastically reduce infection rates. StatSeal products are available in both powder and disc form, to suit a wide variety of clinical applications and to fit a full range of catheter sizes.

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