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The power of experiential learning

VP Med Group is redefining healthcare education with innovative, hands-on product simulation. Our goal is to provide healthcare professionals with an immersive, realistic, and safe environment to improve their clinical skills.

Through collaboration with our partners including Mentice, a global leader in medical simulation, we are enhancing interventional education throughout the UK. Our combined team of experts deliver impactful learning experiences at events nationwide, featuring a range of innovative technologies that elevate skills using realistic and immersive simulators.

Simulator training and support

Our set of simulation tools cater for a broad range of learning objectives including:

This compact setup supports quick explanations and can be used alongside more formal presentations to effortlessly highlight salient points.

Provides a bridge between theoretical knowledge and hands-on practice, allowing scenario-based training to play out.

Our partnership with Mentice harnesses their expertise to create high-fidelity, immersive situations that mirror real world scenarios for realistic training.

This innovative concept blends gaming technology with medical education, all wrapped up in the familiarity of an ipad backed system.

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