PTA guide wires

PTA guide wires are critical tools in the treatment of peripheral artery disease. These slender and flexible wires serve as the initial navigational pathway through the peripheral arteries, leading the way for the delivery of other devices such as balloons and stents. Once inserted through a guide catheter, the guide wire is carefully manoeuvred through the peripheral arteries, crossing the lesion or blockage.

There are several characteristics of the wires, such as tip load, coating type and flexibility, which are tailored for specific clinical need, allowing the wire to traverse through vessels and lesions while minimising the risk of damaging the vessel walls.

ASAHI Gladius 0.014

Frontline guide wire with ACT ONE for increased torque response, ideal for a broad range of cases.

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ASAHI Gladius MG 14 PV

Durable and supportive, with one-to-one torque and lasting lubricity.

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ASAHI Gladius MG 18 PV ES

Highly supportive guide wire with modified distal core to increase narrow loop retention.

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ASAHI Astato XS 40

Very heavy tip load and tapered tip guide wire designed for penetrating thick, calcific caps.

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ASAHI Astato XS 20

Tapered tip guide wire with superior penetration ability and tactile response ideal for highly calcified lesions.

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