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Through education, healthcare professionals can both confidently optimise the operational use of their medical devices and expand their learning horizons. VP Education is the go-to partner for medical device manufacturers, distributors and hospital staff searching for powerful training programs that enhance skillsets, drive efficiencies, and broaden knowledge.

Our educational services team create and deliver a range of product knowledge education alongside leadership training.

Access comprehensive training solutions that equip your team with the product knowledge they need to improve patient outcomes and care. Our product training includes:

  • Utility application to understand the technology and improve proficiency
  • Product and technique simulation to enhance understanding through a hands-on approach
  • Clinical and technical application of products to help users master the latest devices
  • Sharing best practice to equip learners with a deeper understanding of interventional techniques and technologies

Select from our range of educational pathways created for a broad spectrum of roles within the modern healthcare team or customise a program to suit your needs. Our portfolio of courses includes:

  • Workplace based knowledge to build confidence and competence
  • Leadership and management skills training to help individuals effectively communicate complex information and boost professional impact
  • Customised, solutions-based courses created in partnership with global experts
  • A blended learning approach, often featuring interactive sessions, or workshops to increase retention of information
  • State-of-the-art training materials to bring topics to life and enhance the learning experience

Our services go beyond the classroom, providing clinical support to the healthcare sector through:

  • Regional and national peer networks and clubs
  • Proctorships from experts
  • Product specialists for on-site support
  • A ‘train the trainer’ program, providing the materials and support to disseminate

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