Environmental Policy

Vascular Perspectives Ltd is a company engaged in the area of sales and marketing of medical devices.

We recognise that our daily business activities have an impact on the environment locally, nationally and on a worldwide basis.

Management recognises the importance of sound environmental management at all levels of the organisation and is committed to a dynamic continuous improvement programme, not only to minimise any of the company’s adverse environmental impacts, but also to provide services that are beneficial to the environment.

Our objective is to identify the causes of these impacts and to reduce their effects to the minimum practicably possible.

It is our policy to:

  • Comply with all legislative requirements as a minimum, but where practical and possible, exceed these requirements.
  • Manage any pollution liabilities by ensuring “significant harm” is not being caused to the environment.
  • Reduce all uncontrolled discharges to land and water under normal operating conditions to zero.
  • Increase business efficiency and to minimise waste production across the company.
  • Use energy efficiently.
  • Be committed to awareness and training programmes so that all employees understand the impact of their activities, or their omissions, on the environment.
  • To consider the environmental performance of our key suppliers prior to making purchasing decisions.

We are committed to supporting the NHS with their target to be Net Zero by 2045 so therefore commit to the same.

We have a Carbon Reduction Plan in place.