StatSeal Powder


  • For temporary external control of bleeding from indwelling catheters and procedural sites
  • Works with any protein-rich body fluid to prevent oozing and bleeding
  • Creates a hostile barrier to microbial penetration over the site 5
  • Reduces unplanned dressing changes 4,6
  • Keeps sites dry and intact until scheduled dressing change 4,6,7
  • Reduces risk of infection, nursing time and material cost 3,4,6,7
  • Improves delivery of atraumatic care and patient comfort 6
  • Applications from PICC/CVC placement, dialysis or arterial catheters, ECMO cannulas or hemodynamic support devices to name a few
  • Easy pour tubes provide pouring accuracy

Product codes

LP636StatSeal Powder

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at AVA Annual Meeting; October 4-7, 2019; Las Vegas, NV.