PTA balloons

PTA balloons play a fundamental role in the treatment of peripheral artery disease. They are designed to dilate or open up blocked or narrowed arteries to restore blood flow. Once a guide wire has navigated through the narrow or blocked segment of the artery, the balloon, which is mounted on a catheter, is directed over the guide wire to the site of the blockage.

When in position, the balloon is inflated, exerting pressure against the arterial wall and compressing the plaque causing the obstruction. Specialised balloons in scoring and small diameter options further expand the range of PVI balloon treatment options.

OrbusNeich Scoreflex PTA BTK

Low profile, BTK scoring balloon exerting focused force at low pressure to crack calcific lesions.

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OrbusNeich Scoreflex PTA SFA

Semi compliant, PTA low profile scoring balloon recommended for focused force angioplasty.

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OrbusNeich JADE PTA RX

Non-compliant PTA balloon, extended RX section allows for improved pushability.

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OrbusNeich JADE PTA OTW 0.018

Non-compliant PTA balloon with the highest rated burst pressure for tacking calcified lesions of the lower limb.

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