MANTA virtual training and interventional case at East Kent hospitals

VP’s Caley and Jan work with East Kent Hospitals to provide virtual training on MANTA and see it’s implementation in an infrarenal case.

As the smoke clears on the effects of COVID-19 nationwide, and the NHS starts to returns to new-normal, VP’s Jan and Caley have been working with a team of IR and vascular consultants at East Kent Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to provide specialised training on the large bore closure device, MANTA.

MANTA is specifically designed for large bore vascular access closure. A simple-to-use device, it’s resorbable collagen anchor induces rapid haemostasis and reliable, reproducible closure results from a single device.

The training session, delivered virtually by Jan, was very well received by the attending consultants, with a full review of MANTA’s construction, deployment, appropriate utilisation, and even a mock-deployment demonstration. The clinicians found the device to be very intuitive and easy-to-use.

Caley then observed the team operate on an infrarenal penetrating aortic ulceration case. The case was smooth, and MANTA was deployed successfully to close the vascular access site. The interventional team noted that MANTA had good visibility on ultrasound post-deployment, and (used in conjunction with a crepe bandage) no complications, occlusions, or bruising were noted. Both operator and patient commented that they were more than satisfied with the use of MANTA.

Overall, the operating team noted that MANTA performed vascular closure much easier and quicker than their current device, doing so with fewer complications and only using the one device.

A fantastic result for the patient, the team at East Kent Hospitals, and for ongoing collaboration with VP.