Gladius MG PV a new tool for higher success in complex cases

ASAHI’s Gladius MG PV peripheral guide wires are available now.

Vascular Perspectives are pleased to formally announce the release of the new ASAHI Intecc Gladius MG PV line of peripheral guidewire. Balancing torqueability, durability, penetrative power, and support capabilities, these specialist guidewires address and solve common problems in complex peripheral interventions.

Complex peripheral lesions are often long, calcified and ambiguous in their course, the current selection of peripheral guidewires generally have wide loop wire tips, which can present an increased risk of vessel rupture and/or perforation.

ASAHI’s Gladius MG PV peripheral guidewires feature a modified distal core and high tip durability, both of which improve narrow loop retention. This increased narrow loop capability improves safety, allows for early re-entry in subintimal techniques, and preserves fragile collaterals. Furthermore, the technology minimises prolapse length whilst maintaining manoeuvrability, again upholding safety and dexterity.

Complex peripheral lesions require specialist techniques (i.e., subintimal approach), and can be lengthy, equipment-heavy procedures. The Gladius MG PV family boasts a long polymer jacket and SLIP-COAT hydrophilic coating, ensuring high lubricity even in complex stenotic lesions, and ACT ONE wire technology provides one-to-one torque with excellent re-entry potential. Such a combination of innovations massively improves the Gladius MG PV’s performance in subintimal cases, reducing procedure time, reducing multiple guidewire usage, and increases technical success in complex peripheral lesions.

The Gladius MG 14 PV contains an 8.5cm spring coil, has a tip load of 3.0gf, and has an extended 41cm polymer jacket and SLIP-COAT coating.

For extra support, the Gladius MG 14 PV ES and Gladius MG 18 PV ES peripheral guide wires feature a shorter 3.0cm and 4.5cm spring coil respectively, increasing wire durability and rigidity whilst maintaining tip flexibility.Both Gladius MG PV ES guide wires also feature a 3.0gf tip load and have shorter 10cm polymer jackets and SLIP-COAT hydrophilic coatings.

For complex peripheral interventions, broaden your approach with the Gladius MG PV and Gladius MG PV ES guide wires.

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