The new way in angiographic guide wires

Vascular Perspectives are pleased to announce the release of the ASAHI Intecc Silverway angiographic guide wire.

Silverway is ASAHI’s new 0.035”(0.89mm) spring coil wire, and features a hybrid three section coating design: the distal 15cm of the tip is silicone coated to improve tactile feedback; the hydrophilic SLIP COAT mid-tip section provides superior lubricity; and the proximal silicone coated shaft again improves wire handling in smaller vessels.

Traditional spring coil guide wires have an outer coil and core which are not connected together, leading to a lack of torque and limited directional control in arteries. Traditional polymer wires, conversely, may suffer from poor torque transmission due to the Ni-Ti core structure.

The ASAHI Silverway guide wire provides safety and manoeuvrability through the hybrid coating, and ACT ONE technology connects the wire core and coil to ensure one to one torque transmission throughout the wire’s life. For the best of both polymer and spring coil wire features, no matter the site of intervention, make ASAHI Intecc Silverway your first-choice angiographic guidewire.