COVID-19 treatment algorithm & update from VP

An update from VP on COVID-19 and VP’s collaboratively-designed treatment algorithm.

VP continues to supply and distribute medical equipment as usual to hospitals around the UK during the COVID 19 outbreak and social isolation period. In such ever-changing times, VP will continue to monitor the situation nationwide and act dynamically to support our colleagues in the NHS.

In these uncharted circumstances, VP are utilising creative thinking to assist our frontline partners, one such example has been clarifying information on COVID-19’s effect on treatment pathways in cardiac cath labs.

Using first-hand experiences of physicians from Wuhan Hospital, the clinical expertise of colleagues at Optima Education, and VP’s creative marketing team, a flowchart of treatment recommendations for (N)STEMI has been collaboratively designed.

This easy-to-follow algorithm for treating patients with and without COVID-19 presenting with cardiac symptoms is available to download below, and is also available in a mobile-friendly scrollable version (mobile version contains both STEMI & NSTEMI flowcharts).