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Thinking simply

Changing the face of CTO PCI with ASAHI InTech using pioneering and industry exclusive techniques.


VP MED Group have established themselves in the chronic total occlusion space of complex PCI, both as an educator and supplier of products. The commitment to supplying the best outcome for both the patient and the physician has been facilitated by ongoing investment in both education and support. This ensures optimal use of not just the Asahi CTO products, but products used in CTO in what has become a very complex space. 


Over the last ten years, the success rate in these procedures has increased substantially, resulting in far better education around procedures and techniques as well as improved product technology. 

VP MED Group’s experience of working with highly skilled physicians such as Professor James Spratt helped develop leading education platforms that have been used both on the podium at educational meetings as well as the definitive guide to CTO techniques.  The Guide to Mastering Antegrade CTO PCI book has helped to visually communicate complex procedures with a high degree of simplicity, defying those complex cases, changing the playing field on a global scale.  


Asahi InTech, the manufacturers of many of these CTO wires and microcatheters have now adopted this kind of learning and shared it around the world. Commercially, VP MED Group have learned a lot from this approach and have adopted the process of building in-depth clinical knowledge for any of the complex product areas they are involved in. 

They have a process of continual learning and collaboration, creating real-world feedback on how best to roll out clinical and commercial support which has been adopted by a number of the manufacturers’ partners.  

The commercial results continue to excel and in the CTO space is another great example of VP MED Group’s success.

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