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New ways to master MedTech

VP MED Group and Asahi Sion Blue develop marketing, education and simulation materials to increase positive outcomes.

Introducing key educational materials to take product healthcare professional training to the next level.


VP MED Group has been active in the UK PTCA market for over a decade. During that time they developed a partnership with Asahi InTech of Japan, a partnership that has seen VP MED Group take the Asahi portfolio to the UK after a period of relatively modest success with their previous supplier.


One of the key components in the Asahi range is the PTCA wire portfolio, headed up by the Sion Blue workhorse wire. The PTCA wire market is a notoriously difficult market to influence physician choice as familiarity remains an important part of delivering clinical success. Historically, manufacturers have sold based purely on how the product feels in physicians’ hands rather than helping them understand the technology they’re using.

VP MED Group took this to another level by developing marketing, education and simulation materials that were to increase the physician’s understanding of the technology and how it performed, getting the best of it in a clinical setting during the process.


VP MED Group’s dedicated sales and education teams were able to do this effectively across the UK, supported with clear, concise educational and marketing materials. Crucially, the education VP MED Group provided wasn’t just to the physician but also to the rest of the Cath Lab staff, which was always well received and produced significant success.


The result from this process is seven years of consistent growth and increased customer loyalty to both VP MED Group and the Asahi portfolio. Continued education and innovation has helped VP maintain a strong market position. Asahi InTech have understood a lot from VP’s approach, now adopting it on a global basis.

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