• Fast, easy deployment with low radial force and high vessel conformability
  • Provides high volume fill without unnecessary force
  • Novel biodegradable shape memory polymer (SMP) with integrated healing response
  • Radiopaque marker band and anchor coil for positioning
  • Rapid clotting, stable occlusion and durable seal

Product codes

IMP-05IMPEDE embolization plug 6mm
IMP-07IMPEDE embolization plug 8mm
IMP-10IMPEDE embolization plug 12mm
IMP-FX-06IMPEDE FX embolization plug 6mm
IMP-FX-08IMPEDE FX embolization plug 8mm
IMP-FX-12IMPEDE FX embolization plug 12mm
IMP-FX-12x5IMPEDE FX Rapid fill