StatSeal Advanced Plus Disc Specification Cover


  • Available in various shapes and sizes to suit femoral procedures.
  • Reduces hold times 1-5
  • Significantly accelerates hemostasis1-5
  • Works regardless of anticoagulation levels
  • Reduces complication rates 1-5
  • Facilitates same-day discharge
  • Improves lab efficiency 1-5
  • Increases patient throughput

Product codes

DAP629StatSeal ® Advanced Plus Disc – case of 24 applications

How it works

As an adjunct to pressure, StatSeal ® products have a two-step mechanism of action that occurs simultaneously to instantly form a low pH, occlusive seal.The hydrophilic polymer rapidly dehydrates the blood and absorbs exudate, stacking up desiccated blood solids beneath to form a seal.The potassium ferrate binds the blood solids and proteins together, adhering the seal to the wound to stop bleeding and oozing.Beneath the seal, the pH is neutral, and the blood solids and proteins continue to stack. Above the seal, the hydrophilic polymer exchanges protons for cations, resulting in desiccation and a pH of ~2. The distal tract seal helps promote statsis at the arteriotomy.6

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