Mentice simulation training at Bradford Royal Infirmary

VP’s Amy and Gareth visit BRI for a hands-on simulator training session with cardiology registrars.

“What better way to learn coronary angiography and PCI than with the Mentice simulator”….

Recently, VP visited Bradford Royal Infirmary to give four Cardiology Registrars and a group of dedicated cath lab AHPs an opportunity to learn and improve on their practical skills and proficiencies using VP’s hands-on case simulator hardware, Mentice. Everyone in attendance had an opportunity to get involved with the cases, as well as being able to ask questions or test their abilities in a safe-yet-realistic cath lab environment.

One of the attending registrars commented “I am quite a beginner in angio(graphy), but found the simulator training fairly close to real time. It gives me confidence for engaging coronaries after practising in a safe environment”.

VP will be back at Bradford to deliver a further session of sim-based training, include overcoming intraoperative complications such as perforations and cardiac arrests.

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