Team building with VP in South Wales

Vascular Perspectives ‘Sally Session’ gets South Wales talking.

Vascular Perspectives’ Karl and Thea hosted an ‘AHP’ networking session in Newport on the 3rd March. This session brought together local hospitals to aid interaction between them and expand industry interaction with the wider cath lab team.

The session provided the hospitals an opportunity to make plans to engage and learn from one another as they advance their respective PCI services.

The course saw fantastic engagement by all attendees. Sarah Carson (Senior Nurse & Cath Lab Manager, Bristol Heart Institute) led a fantastic presentation on “The Importance of Teamwork”, putting fire in attendees’ bellies for learning and engagement! Two nurses from Royal Gwent shared their experience and audit data form their use of StatSeal, which went down very well with the other centres.

Each of the centres identified common issues affecting their cath lab teams and AHP staff, leading to fruitful discussions of working with one another and shadowing each other’s hospitals to experience life outside their own laboratories.

The course was extremely beneficial to attendees, and VP hope to return to South Wales for another team building session in Summer 2020!

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