Manta closure device joins the portfolio

Femoral access closure facilitated in different procedures.

The Manta device created interest when first introduced to Vascular Perspectives as the first biomechanical vascular closure device designed specifically for large bore femoral arterial access site closure.
Designed to address the complexities arising from closure of large bore access site such as longer to haemostasis, extended procedure time and higher rates of complications

The simple deployment with this single easy to use device means procedures can be finished quicker and cleaner than having to deploy numerous devices after femoral procedures. The added benefit of the collagen pad aiding haemostasis time help in the delivery of successful and rapid closure.

Manta is indicated for closure of femoral arterial access site whilst reducing time to haemostasis following the use of 10 – 18 Fr. devices or sheaths (14 Fr. Manta 10-14 Fr. / 18 Fr. Manta 15 – 18 Fr.)

Utilised in many cases requiring femoral access such as TAVI, TEVAR & PEVAR Manta is a welcome addition to expand the VP portfolio.