Heart of England CTO meeting 2019

Supporting CTO workshops in the Heart of England.

December saw our return to Heartlands for their annual CTO workshop, which was once again a resounding success. Designed to deliver a balanced mix of live cases from the lab and interactive lectures from experienced operators, the course aims to increase understanding of differing techniques and the outcomes of those.

The live cases were delivered by Dr Sunau Nakamura from Japan alongside Course Directors Dr Michael Pitt and Dr Sandeep Basavarajaiah and other talented professionals.

The workshop was packed with stimulating and extensive lectures offering the delegates invaluable insight and shared knowledge including the challenges of setting up a CTO service, Hybrid Techniques and Team engagement in the CTO procedure.

Discussion sessions gave delegates the chance to discuss cases, tips and teamwork with others and proved to be a popular learning technique.

This is the third year that Vascular Perspectives have successfully partnered with Heartlands to provide a CTO workshop for consultants, as well as an AHP Team meeting to educate the whole cath lab.

We strive to build successful knowledge sharing environments, and with the help of health professionals, our team are able to provide valuable workshops and courses like the AHP CTO workshop at Heartlands.

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