Exploring innovations in intervention at LINC 2020

Our PVI team discover whats new and now at LINC.

Vascular Perspectives (VP) returned to the interventional-focussed LINC 2020 in Leipzig this January. VP Peripheral team members enjoyed four days of fascinating presentations and live cases as well as connecting with our partners, including Asahi INTECC, Shockwave, Teleflex, Orbus Neich, and Siemens.

LINC 2020 saw Asahi INTECC launch their brand-new Gladius MG range of guidewires, stirring up interest from a plethora of physicians the world over for the MG’s specialised lesion-crossing and subintimal procedural uses.

Shockwave’s Peripheral S4 / M5 intravascular lithotripsy system continues to pave the way for the innovative treatment of calcified lesions, and LINC 2020 allowed VP and Shockwave to continue their invaluable exchange of knowledge, experiences, and thoughts on future possibilities.

We also spent time understanding the Corindus CorPath’s utility in peripheral endovascular intervention.

LINC 2020 was, yet again, an enlightening and rewarding event for everyone in attendance, and VP cannot wait to return to LINC 2021 next January.

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