Enhancing patient centred care: A comprehensive training event for AHP’s at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

In response to the growing demand for specialised education for cardiology AHP’s, VP MED group organised a comprehensive training event at Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital in October.

The event served to address the knowledge gaps of AHP’s who would be moving into the role of caring for patients undergoing primary PCI, as well as more complex or CTO cases. With the imminent addition of new recovery beds at the hospital, the training aimed to equip the attendees with the necessary skills for the full complement of interventional cardiology procedures.

Organised by Jess Turner, the Practice Educator for the cath labs at Royal Devon and Exeter, the event was designed to ensure a holistic overview of the patient journey, placing the patient at the centre of every interaction.

The training event spanned a full day, covering a range of topics essential to understanding and managing coronary heart disease and the associated procedures. The sessions were organised

to follow the patient journey from admission to post-procedural care. Each session aimed to provide the AHP’s with valuable insights and practical skills, ensuring that they are well-prepared to deliver patient centred care throughout the entire process.

The initiative stemmed from collaborative efforts with the cath lab during a previous session, where we worked together to identify educational needs. A subsequent educational evening focused on Angiographic views is also in the planning, showcasing the commitment of the team at Royal Devon and Exeter to continuous learning and development.