Presenter series

Impactful speaking

Designed for

Everyone who
hates speaking

Presented by:
Thea Wilson, Educational Facilitator

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Sept 11th 2024





10 people


7 hours

in-person session

Why should you take this course?

Does the thought of speaking in front of others lead to sleepless nights, induce fear and increase stress?

If so, then Impactful speaking from VP is for you.

Course objectives

Effective communication – improve your clarity, articulation and expression.

Confidence – build yours through practice and constructive feedback to build the self-assurance to speak confidently in front of an audience, including techniques to manage nerves.

Influence – hone the skills you need to persuade others.

Adaptability – learn how to flex your style for different audiences and settings.

Time management – master effective use of time including pacing, allowing for Q&As, and fitting into the allocated timeslot.

Personal brand – develop a memorable identity to help to engage with your audience and build trust.

Now I believe I do have something to say and I want to say it out loud.

There should be more of these courses around the country to empower more people!

Today I have been inspired – I am walking away wanting to continue and improve my presenting skills to inspire others and develop me.

About our facilitator

Thea Wilson, Educational Facilitator

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