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Impactful presentations

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Sept 10th 2024





10 people


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Why should you take this course?

Do you want to be empowered with the skills and knowledge to create compelling, engaging and informative presentations?

Course objectives

The Power of simplicity – what the advertising industry can teach us.

Visual language and hierarchy – why we process images faster than words.

Consistency – the value and power of sticking to grid systems.

Grid systems – why and how these are your friend.

Building your story – beginning, middle, end (what’s the point).

Today I have been inspired – I am walking away wanting to continue and improve my presenting skills to inspire others and develop me.

The course offered great insights into the science of messaging. Being memorable, impactful, visual and an introduction to the concept of design led thinking.

A great overview into how to create a presentation that your audience will engage in and remember for as long as possible.

About our facilitator

Adrian Brown is the CEO of VP Med Group

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