Foundations series

Foundations series

Designed for

Cath lab teams

Foundations Series Designed for Cath labs teams

Why should you take this course?

Support you and your team with Foundations for cath lab teams, created in collaboration with UK HCP’s to aid more traditional training and to offer support in the foundations of being a Cath lab team member.

Course modules

The heart – everything you need to know about this organ

Coronary artery anatomy – let’s look at the heart’s anatomy

Coronary artery disease – how does it happen, what can you see in the lab

History of PCI – why do we do PCI, where did it originate

PCI toolbox – what should be in your toolbox that makes a difference

Introduction to angiographic views – what do they look like, show me more

Teamwork – pulling together in the lab

Crisis management – what to do when the unthinkable happens

Primaries and emergencies – how to cope with emergency situations

Post-procedural care – making patients’ lives and the nursing team better

Radiation safety – what is radiation and how can we mitigate risk

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