Presenter series

How to visualise and storyboard your ideas

Designed for

Healthcare professionals

Presented by:
Adrian Brown, CEO of VP MED Group
Matt Gledhill, Creative Director

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Sept 17th 2024



10 people


7 hours

in-person session



Why should I take this course?

This seven hour course will help you learn how to illustrate your ideas and turn them into easy-to-understand sketches using the ‘Concepts’ app
and forever change how you present, educate and communicate.

Course objectives

A step-by-step walkthrough of ‘Concepts’, we’ll have you visualising ideas by learning how to:

1. Embrace the art of visual communication

2. Think and draw like a designer

3. Use ‘Concepts’ to draw and illustrate like a pro

4. Storyboard medical procedures

5. Transfer ideas from ‘Concepts’ to PowerPoint

6. Use ‘Concepts’ to brief illustrators

What you will need

Fully charged iPad (requires iPadOS 15.0 or later) with ‘Concepts’ downloaded

Apple Pencil

The belief that anyone can draw

Concepts x VPMed

I attended VPs course on illustration with the Concepts app and have set out on a pathway with so many valuable ramifications that I have merely scratched the surface. I’m so happy to have started this.

Brilliantly run course, showing the power of effective illustration in medical education, and giving you the skills and tools to do it!

Best non clinical course I have ever done – we never get training on this stuff and this stuff matters!

About our facilitators

Matt Gledhill, Creative Director (Left)

Adrian Brown, CEO of VP MED Group (Right)

Course disclaimer
For further details please contact:
All information provided is for the purpose of general guidance, we make no guarantees that you will obtain a particular outcome.
The course material is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without written permission from VP MED Group.